Here's What People Are Saying...

Susan Steiner

I live in Switzerland and stopped using my local Mac consultant when I found out that Bruce could help me remotely from the US. I find Bruce responsive, quick and accurate. He doesn’t just swoop in and fix things, but treats me like an intelligent person, explaining things simply and giving me Mac tips that help me in the future. I highly recommend him!
Susan Begeman Steiner, Executive Coach, Zurich


We called Bruce after a very long and frustrating month with our former IT guy who could not fix a problem on our Mac server. Within 2 hours, Bruce not only fixed the problem, he fixed all the other minor annoyances, too; I couldn’t believe it. Bruce is fast, reliable, and humorous to boot. And he explains things so us regular folk can understand… amazing!
Leslie McDonald, Office + Communications Manager


I have been using Bruce as my computer guru for over 10 years!  He has advised me with many purchases of new equipment and the upgrading of my Apple devices. He is a teacher at heart, with the patience to teach me so I can help myself, but does the stuff for me when needed, and he has always found solutions to even the most obscure problems. You can only win with Bruce!
Constant Hine, Professional Development Director


I’m a 66-year-old artist, DJ, and technophobe. I would be hopelessly lost without Bruce’s help. He knows so many “things”. And best of all, he doesn’t make me feel stupid. A whole different experience from computer repair shops.
Nick Landrum, Artist


I love Apple products and rely on them extensively in business and in my personal life. I’m relatively tech savvy, but I only want to know as much as I need to know. I don’t want to spend my time troubleshooting and managing my own devices. Bruce takes care of all this beautifully and seamlessly. He makes it so my tech works for me and not the other way around. He is by far the most knowledgeable, efficient and friendliest Apple consultant I’ve ever worked with.
Desirée Luth, Sales Associate


One day my Mac wouldn’t fully boot up anymore, and with school finals around the corner, I had a bit of a freakout moment. Bruce quickly diagnosed the hard drive as the culprit. Within a week he had a new drive installed, all my data backed up, and shipped back to me in Seattle. I couldn’t be happier with the result! My only complaint is my laptop is too fast now. Sure, he’s my uncle, but what a kickass dude!
Tony Leisner, Young Person and nephew


Bruce is bar-none the man for all of our Apple needs, both professionally for our three businesses and personally, for my husband and myself. We have been working with Bruce for many years – he is prompt to respond to situations, cost-effective, and a total pleasure to be around. I highly recommend him!
Cynthia & Buddy, Denver, CO EarthwiseCleaning


I’m a Mac guy, and Bruce has been handling my Macs for many years. I am very dependent on them working optimally, especially for audio production work, and he has saved my life many times over. He’s also a great teacher, and very patient with answering ‘dumb’ questions in a way that makes things very easy to understand. Can’t recommend him highly enough!
Dave Litman, Audio Engineer


Bruce has been my IT go-to-guy for the last 20 years for my law office. I’m a guy from the “book” age and computers are not my forté. Bruce has brought me into the 21st Century. He keeps all my devices running first-class and helps to educate me on the latest ways to protect my client information. I’ve always been satisfied with his work and he’s always been reasonable with his fees.
JM Sandlow, Attorney


I use my computer to create beautiful illustrations for children’s books, but the machine’s inner workings baffle me. Bruce is able to fix any problem I come up with. He is easily available, quick, patient, friendly and so knowledgeable.  He can access my devices remotely, which lets him see what is happening and then educate me well beyond my technical competence. It’s just great, and at a reasonable cost, too.
Faith MacDonald, Illustrator

Richard Brooks

I’m over 80 years old, and the speed of technology advances these days is often overwhelming. I rely on Bruce to tell me what I need, and when I need it. He’s a one-stop-shop for my many Apple devices. His gentle humor goes a long way to providing patience when explaining complicated concepts to the computer novice. He’s a keeper!
Richard Brooks, Professor (retired)


I have known Bruce for over 20 years and he knows his way around this equipment like no one else I know. He is focused and knowledgable in his approach; thorough and complete in his solutions. He has saved me from my own mistakes countless times – back up, back up, back up! The best part is, you always get the owner: Bruce! I have used other IT services where the technicians keep changing. I am a firm believer in continuity of service, and he is the guy!
Charles Brass, Entrepreneur


Over the years, Bruce has been an invaluable support for me and my Mac. He is thorough and knowledgable, with a ton of patience for the challenged, not-so-savvy computer user; whether it is to configure a new computer, figure out why things are going slow, giving advice on backups when everything else fails, and everything in between. I only have thumbs up for Bruce, and would refer with no hesitation to friends, family and anybody that needs his help. 🙂
Barbara Whisonant, Owner of A Clean Space, LLC since 2011