Should You Upgrade to MacOS Ventura? 

Why might this be important? Apple this week released the very latest version of their California-themed operating system software for Macs, Mac OS 13 Ventura.

Should You Upgrade to iOS 16?

The Latest iPhone New & Shiny Apple today released the latest version of their software to run on iOS devices, called iOS 16. It includes

How to set up a Legacy Contact on iOS

What is Apple’s Digital Legacy program? Apple’s Digital Legacy program is a way for someone that you choose to access your digital information stored in

Should you upgrade to MacOS 12 Monterey?

(Update: Apple released Monterey 12.1 December 13th, 2021, which fixed numerous bugs. We now recommend this upgrade, with the caveats listed below.) Apple will release

Should You Upgrade to iOS 15?

Well… yes! We do recommend you upgrade to iOS 15, once it has been released on September 20, 2021. Usually with a major upgrade to

How to Stop Robocalls for Good

For many years, junk and robocalls were relatively few and far between for most people. The National Do Not Call Registry worked well for a while. Legitimate

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