1) How to Initiate a Safe Boot: 

Here is Apple’s version of this information:

(You may want to print this before starting)

For Intel-based Macs:

      • Shut down your Mac all the way off.

      • Press the power button to restart while you also press and hold the Shift key

      • Once the Apple logo appears on the screen, you can release the Shift key
        Note: Startup will likely take substantially longer than normal, up to 10 minutes. When successful, you will see the text SAFE BOOT in red in the upper-right-hand corner. If you don’t see this, start over and hold the Shift key sooner.

      • If your hard drive is encrypted with Filevault, when your Mac restarts you will be prompted to enter your password right away. Enter that and press the Return key to enter.

      • At the login screen, when your Mac prompts you for your password (to log you into your desktop), don’t log in; just click on the Restart button.
        Note: Your Mac will take longer than normal to fully boot up this final time, and that is normal.

      • Make sure you do this final step and restart; otherwise, things will be weird!

    For Apple Silicon-based (M1 or M2) Macs:

        1. Shut Down your Mac and wait 10 seconds.

        1. Press and continue holding the power button until the startup disks and Options appear.

        1. Press and hold the Shift key, then click the “Continue in Safe Mode” button.

      This video shows how this works.

      To adjust the security settings on an M1 Mac, this video explains how. To adjust Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack settings on an M1 or M2 Mac, read this.

      2) How to Zap the PRAM

          • Shut down the Mac

          • Turn it back on and immediately hold these four keys: Command-Option-P-R (takes both hands)

        If you are successful, instead of hearing just a single chime when your Mac turns on, with these keys depressed the Mac will keep chiming over and over until you let go of the keys. A total of 2 chimes is enough, then let go of the keys.

        If you don’t hear subsequent chime(s), start over and press the 4 keys sooner.

        3) How to Reset the SMC or Power Management System

        Apple has a page with instructions for various models, that you can find here.

        4) How to clear a (scam) browser alert

        If your browser is displaying a screen that tells you your system has been compromised, perhaps being accompanied by a flashing screen and/or loud sounds, just quit your browser. If you can’t get to the File menu to quit, then press the Option-Command-Esc keys, select your browser from that list, and choose Force Quit. Then hold the Shift key on your keyboard when you open the browser again to clear the (bogus) alert permanently.

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