How to Use Apple Mail’s Previous Recipients Feature

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Apple Mail has a feature called Previous Recipients, which keeps track of every email address that you have ever sent to, or received from. This can be very handy in terms of Mail auto-filling in a person’s address as you start to type in the To: field. It can also be a royal pain if you’ve received emails in the past from a company with a generic name, like, even though the actual human’s name might be different each time. You can delete obsolete or incorrect addresses from the list so Mail stops suggesting them.

To access this, with Apple Mail active, go to the menu Window:Previous Recipients:

  1. Find the address you want to delete. You can search for it or sort the list by clicking a column header.If you want to check the address in the Contacts app, double-click the card icon in front of the address. If a card doesn’t exist yet and you want to keep the address in Contacts, select the address, then click Add to Contacts. 
  2. Click Remove From List.

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