The psychological reasons behind risky password practices

Password screenOnly 29 percent of consumers change their passwords for security reasons. The #1 reason people change their passwords is because they forgot it. If you share your passwords amongst multiple sites (as so many people do), then you are choosing to implement risky password practices.



  • On how many sites do you reuse the same password?
    Despite high-profile, large-scale data breaches dominating the news cycle, and repeated recommendations from experts to use strong passwords, most people have yet to adjust their own behavior when it comes to password reuse.
  • But the sites I go to aren’t financial, just entertainment…
    Only 20% of people think to adequately protect their login data with entertainment sites. Yet those are the sites that have been hacked the most lately, and often the public doesn’t hear about the breach for months. This can be long after hackers have resold your login data to someone else. And if you re-use your passwords, you are at risk.

helpnetsecurity has an excellent article on the psychological reasons behind these user practices and it is a compelling read.

What can I do about my passwords right now?

A password manager is a simple solution to get around the hassle of trying to manually remember password. There are a number of them on the market, and several are free, or have a free trial period.

If you find tracking your own passwords to be a pain, and you would just like it to be handled on all the sites you frequent, schedule a visit with me, either in-person or remotely, and we will just get it done!

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