Why Should You Invest in the New iPad?

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Apple is reportedly working on a new version of the iPad Pro, which is rumored to be released this year. Since its introduction in 2010, Apple has managed to launch new models for the iPad almost annually, and lately they have been favoring late-year releases — particularly for the 2019 7th gen and 2020 8th gen models. So if we were to guess, the latest unit will probably come out during the last quarter of 2021 as well. However, there are some speculations that the new iPad Pro might be released as early as March, during the Apple Spring 2021 event.

What We Know So Far

Apple seems to have tight control over the rumor mill, so not much has been revealed or confirmed about the new iPad. Here is what we have gleaned so far based on information from industry insiders and the tech community as a whole:

The usual entry-level price of an iPad is $329 for regular consumers and $309 for educational purposes. But this year, it is said that the iPad will be more affordable at $299.

There are claims that the new iPad will be thinner and lighter with a 10.5-inch screen. Apple may also adopt a mini-LED display — making it more power-efficient through improving the battery life. Plus, it will make it less prone to burn-in issues while still offering more clarity and brightness.

The 2020 iPad Pro models use Apple’s A12Z Bionic chip. While nothing is confirmed yet, the upcoming iPad might come with the new A14X processor. This means better performance for the tablet, allowing users to run simultaneous workflows and navigate through apps with less lag.

Do You Actually Need an iPad?

An iPad has high functionality and portability. You can accomplish many common tasks — such as browsing the internet, working with spreadsheets, creating and printing documents, and watching movies. As aforementioned, the first iPad came out in 2010, but its first Wi-Fi-only models did not have open-file systems and allowed for very little customization. Nonetheless, it was the first product to use an Apple-designed processor. Over the course of a decade, Apple has released various lines for the iPad Air, Mini, and Pro. The company has not only made their tablets lighter and thinner, but also faster with better displays.

The iPad leads the tablet market by being the first to incorporate features such as virtual touchpads for the on-screen keyboard and multitasking features like the split screen. Moreover, Apple was the first major brand to use a 64-bit chip on a non-laptop or desktop computer.

Behind the screens, the new generation iPads now use ultra-thin PCBs to support mass transfer technology. But that’s not all: modern manufacturers have been adjusting PCB board thickness to improve product performance and customize the overall packaging — allowing iPads to pack the latest technologies in one compact unit.

The iPad also makes it easier to keep up with operating system updates, so the devices can continue to add new features — compared to other tablets where you’d need to buy the newest model to keep your system up-to-date.

The available models currently on the market include the iPad Pro 12.9, which has the A12X Bionic chip. It boasts the second generation Apple Pencil, meaning the stylus can attach magnetically to the edge and charge wirelessly. Meanwhile, the Apple iPad Air is one of the more recent models on the market. It runs on the A14 Bionic chip and has features including Touch ID and True Tone display.

So Should You Wait to Invest in the New iPad?

The iPad Pro has always been a powerhouse in terms of processing power and speed. Of course, there is no guarantee how much of the rumors about the new iPad are true. However, Apple’s release of iPads mean there are certainly some developments to look forward to — regardless if they’re a few tweaks to the hardware or something more cutting-edge. But this only means that the new iPad Pro will be better than its predecessors, so waiting it out this year should be worth it!

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