Skype 7 – Is It Really Almost Dead?

SkypeYes, the Sad Day is Coming Soon

Support for Skype 7 will end on Nov‍emb‍er 1, 2‍01‍8 on desktop devices. When support ends, Microsoft will begin requiring updates to version 8. Although you may be able to use older versions for a little while, they encourage you to update soon to avoid any interruption.

Microsoft introduced Skype 8 for Mac desktop late in 2017. Along with that also came a rush of very negative responses from users over the new design. Since then, they have issued updates regularly (sometimes weekly) since the initial release. A laundry list of bugs and problems have been fixed since version 8.0. As of this writing, version 8.32 is current and seems very stable. You can download the latest version at

Problems with Skype 8

Many users have reported that when they were automatically upgraded to version 8, that they could no longer log in. Skype 8 uses a better security protocol, and employs Microsoft’s standard 2-factor login security features. Because of this, your Mac may not automatically enter your login credentials for you. Some people have reported much frustration with this process. They have opted to sign up for a new or different account, which, of course, would not contain all of their original contacts.

If you know your Skype address (mine is brucemiracle), then you should have no problem signing in to the new Skype 8. At their login screen, enter your Skype name and then click on the “Forgot Password” link to have them confirm and/or change your password. You may be prompted to also enter a phone number and/or an alternate email address as methods of using 2-factor authentication to ensure it’s really you.

What’s Good About Skype 8?

Microsoft says, “With Skype version 8, you’ll be able to record calls, have private conversations, make HD video calls, transfer files up to 300 MB, and more.”  Skype has published a Getting to Know Version 8 page with lots of helpful information. Additionally, they’ve created a Getting Started page with frequently asked questions. In my opinion, Microsoft has spent too much time trying to make this Skype attractive to a younger generation. It now has lots of animated emojis and other cute frills. However, it also seems true that behind the scenes they have been improving both the video and audio quality, especially for group conversations.

Can’t You Please Stop the Madness?!?

Yes, we can! Software upgrades that require credentials for logins like this can be problematic, especially if your own record-keeping for logins and passwords is not yet first-class. We can help you get those passwords under control, including those for Skype and other Microsoft products. Are you ready? Get in touch and together we can finally make it all work!

Addendum: Many people rely on Skype for regular communications within their daily business. For this reason, we highly recommend that you do NOT wait until November first to upgrade, thereby potentially leaving you in the lurch without a functioning Skype.

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