The Four Computer Dreads – Part 2: Malware

Malware, a shortened combination of the words malicious and software, is a catch-all term for any sort of software designed with malicious intent. That malicious intent is often the theft of your private information. Or it can be the creation of a backdoor to your computer so someone can gain access to it without your… Continue Reading

Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerabilities? Oh my!

Apple has released macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 Supplemental Security Update, along with Safari 11.0.2 for Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and macOS Sierra 10.12.6. These updates mitigate the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities you may have read about in the news lately, and are recommended for all eligible Mac users to install. The Mac security software… Continue Reading

Ready… Set… High Sierra Upgrade?

(For your Mac, not your iPhone) Apple this week released the 10.13.2 version of Mac OS High Sierra. This update contains many bug fixes and it addresses several severe security flaws originally introduced with this new Mac OS system. Since Apple starting pushing this update out on users in November, you’ve probably been seeing a… Continue Reading

The Four Computer Dreads – Part 1: Passwords

Ahh, passwords: just that word can cause dread in the hearts of even the bravest computer user. But why should that be? Because we live in a crazy world where some people spend their days trying to leach off of others. And we all have things we’d rather be doing than dealing with passwords. Any… Continue Reading

Goodbye Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac?

Microsoft is no longer offering any support for Office for Mac 2011. That means no updates or bug fixes, and if anything goes wrong or stops working in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Outlook, you’re on your own. So, if you’re still running Office 2011 you probably should be asking yourself the question, “What should I do?”.… Continue Reading

Deleting the Google All Mail History

Do you have a email account, or an account that is managed by Google for your company (i.e. Then you have a Google All Mail box there that has been archiving everything you’ve ever sent or received. They changed this policy in early-2017. Up to that time, even files you put in the… Continue Reading

MacOS 10.13 High Sierra – Is it better than low Sierra?

(Update: you can read an update to this article on Ready…Set…High Sierra Upgrade?) Apple this week released High Sierra, the latest version of system software to run on Mac computers. This release is right inline with their update schedule, which is to say a new operating system each year. So – should you upgrade? Probably… Continue Reading

What is a Flash Player anyway?

What is a Flash Player anyway?

As a Mac tech, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is “What is Adobe Flash Player?“ Most everyone has seen a message on their computer at some point telling them that this needs to be installed or updated. But few people seem to know what it actually is or what it does.… Continue Reading

MacOS Sierra – New and shiny yes, but should you upgrade?

Apple released the latest version of their Mac operating system, MacOS Sierra in September, and now that they’ve released their second point update, 10.12.2, I am finally ready to give this significant upgrade a thumbs-up recommendation. Major features include beefed-up security, Siri on the Mac, tighter integration with your iOS devices, and a significant number of… Continue Reading

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